Armada Tracer 88 m/binding

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Armada Tracer 88 m/binding

The TRACER SERIES tells the ski world we like to do things differently here at Armada. Even though the focus lies on a stable and predictable ski in versatile conditions, we added subtle rocker and taper regions to keep the Tracer series nimble, playful and able to release the tail on command. From lightweight freeride, to high altitude exploring, to ultra-light touring, this 4-piece series is built for skiers that paint outside the lines on the uphill, sidehill, and big mountain downhill.

Three years ago we entered the lightweight touring game for the first time, with the goal to redefine skiability in this segment. For 20/21 the Tracer 88 has gotten a full overhaul, pushing it's limits even further. We worked on the sidecut and slightly prolonged it's radius to further add stability and refined the core profile for a more balanced flex pattern. Add to that the combination of EST All-Mountain Rocker, Caruba Woodcore and a snow-shedding top sheet, and the following keeps growing.

Vi tilbyr Armada Tracer 88 i pakke med lettvekts toppturbindinger eller den mer kjøresterke Shidt MNC.

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