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White - One Size

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Our spherical Count goggles take clarity and contrast to another level – no wonder they’re the choice of our pros. They offer an insane field of vision (+20%) plus incredible snow contrast and clarity of view thanks to the unique double-act of HD and Fusion Double Lens technology. Naturally, they’re perfectly matched to our Count helmets, and we have a JR range, too.

Atomic Count 360° HD are our top spherical goggles, with an ultra-thin Live Fit frame that’s basically invisible, and world-beating optics thanks to HD and Fusion Double Lens technology. From the moment the first spherical Count 360° HD goggles landed in our store cupboard at Atomic HQ they’ve been the top choice of our Atomic pros! These goggles take clarity and contrast to a whole different level, all thanks to the unique double-act of HD and Fusion Double Lens technology – giving you high-definition snow contrast and insane clarity without reflections or refractions, plus 8x more fog resistance than existing market standards. Combine FDL with its ultra-thin Live Fit frame, you also get a truly epic field of vision (+20%) with the frame virtually invisible when they’re on. And naturally we’ve made sure they’re perfectly matched to our Count helmets. The ultimate eyewear for your all-mountain adventures!

Spherical Fusion Double Lens (FDL): This next-generation spherical double lens uses lamination instead of an additional foam layer which means a 20% larger field of vision, no refractions, reflections or fogging. All our spherical Fusion Double Lenses are of optical class 1.

Ultra-Thin Live Fit Frame (2K): Ultra-Thin Live Fit Frames offer the same benefits as regular Live Fit frames. In addition they are constructed to sit closer to your face – just like regular glasses – which makes the frame virtually invisible and offers superb peripheral vision.

Adaptive LF Tri-Layer Face Foam: Adaptive Live Fit tri-layer foam – made of special Memory Face foam, standard Face foam and a quick drying fabric layer next-to-skin – instantly molds to your face, for an individual fit straight out of the box.

HD Lens Technology: High-definition contrast lens technology uses crystals in the lens to create incredible snow visibility in all light conditions.

8x Anti-fog Inner Lens (AC): The inner lens of all our FDL lenses offers up to 8x more anti-fog properties than industry standards, withstanding fogging for over 240 seconds in controlled lab tests (vs. the standard test length of 30 seconds).

Lens: Spherical Fusion Double Lens (FDL)|HD Lens Technology|Stereo Lens Technology|Supreme Anti-scratch Outer Lens (PC)|Hydrophobic Lens Coating|8x Anti-fog Inner Lens (AC)|Easy Lens Switch
Fit: Large Fit
Extras: Including Microfiber Goggle Bag
Frame: Ultra-Thin Live Fit Frame (2K)|Vent Foam|Adaptive LF Tri-Layer Face Foam|Silicone-coated Strap

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