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Db The Strøm 90L Roller Bag

Purple - 90L

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Db The Strøm 90L Roller Bag

Let us introduce Db x Marcelo Vieira. Except being the most humble person we’ve met Marcelo Vieira has been the best left-back in the World for 6x in a row.

The collection honors Vieira’s relationship with the purple PANTONE 19-3528 TCX, a color he has considered lucky throughout his career. Vieira, a 4-time UEFA Champions League winner from Brazil, selected the color to debut his entire collection with us and we can’t be happier.

Db The Strøm 90L Roller Bag er en trofast følgesvenn på lengre turer i inn- og utland. Hovedrommet er stort og oversiktelig og har i tillegg midre sidelommer for småsaker. Trillekofferten har uttrekkbart håndtak og store, myke hjul som ruller godt. Benytter du en av Db's mindre ryggsekker, kan denne også henges på trillekofferten for enkel transport.

Lets you bring it all!

Designed as a large cargo room built into a steady roller, this bag is meant to be loaded.

The whole Db The Strøm 90L Roller Bag opens in one single motion, providing easy access to whatever is needed – just like having an own cargo container on the go. Mesh pockets along the insides of the bag, in addition to a top pocket on the outside, ensure that any small objects stay in place.

Big wheels and a sturdy handle allows for smooth navigation, whilst the hook-up system lets you easily attach your backpack for a lighter travel experience.

Let’s roll!

Hook-up system:
Db The Strøm 90L Roller Bag loves to carry as much weight as possible.
Our patented hook-up system fully integrates with all backpacks turning two products into one single unit, placing the weight over the wheels for maximum volume but minimum hassle.

Rib cage construction:
The integrated rib cage construction, consisting of strong and lightweight ABS ribs, has allowed all traditional padding to be removed – leaving the bag to be lightweight and protective.

Easy Handling:
Despite its 90-liter size, Db The Strøm 90L Roller Bag is light on its toes. Big wheels and a sturdy, two-stage retractable handle allow for smooth navigation. Convenient side-, top- and bottom handles ensure safe and comfortable handling and carrying.
Weight: 4.5kg / 9.9 lbs

Volume: 90 liters

Outer Shell: Polyester 600D / 1680D / TEP 500D
(Arctic White: TEP500D all over)
Inner Lining: Polyester 300D

ABS protection ribs



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