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Douchebag The Hugger 20L


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Douchebag The Hugger 20L

Our bestselling Hugger 30L just got a sibling. Meet the Hugger 20L. Smaller and smarter but as rough and tough as its bigger brother. After hearing our community’s request for a slimmer, everyday version of the Hugger 30L, we created the Hugger 20L, the perfect daily backpack for school, work, and trips across town. While we kept the classic Hugger design, we added more pockets inside to hold your most important knick-knacks, toiletries and extra clothes.

A Slimmer, Smarter Backpack
- Like a strong embrace for a petite person, the Hugger 20L delivers a surprising amount of utility and intelligent design inside a tiny package.

Laptop Pocket
- The separate, padded laptop pocket protects your hardware and allows for quick and easy access through airport security. Fits a 13" MacBook Pro (2018 model or later) with ease.

Top Pocket
- The roomy top pocket allows quick access to your essentials.

Mesh Pockets
- Mesh pockets along the inside of the bag ensure that any small objects stay right where you need them.

Hook-Up System
- The patented Hook-Up system allows weight to be lifted off human shoulders and placed over wheels instead. The Hugger 20L can easily be hooked up to all of our roller bags.

Rib Cage Construction
- The integrated rib cage construction, consisting of strong and lightweight ABS ribs, gives whatever you carry inside the extra protection it deserves.



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