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Golden Palms-Lumalens Gold/Lumalens Amb.

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Dragon's new PXV goggle brings visibility to an entirely new level. By employing a unique toric lens curvature—our Panotech Lens—it allows us to wrap the frame more which offers expanded sight lines in a visually stunning package. Couple the panoramic visibility with our Lumalens® optimized colour tints, Super Anti-Fog treatment, and face swaddling triple-layer face foam and we've set a new standard for what a goggle can accomplish. Discover what increased vision can do for you. Expand your experience.

- Colour: Golden Palms
- Lens Colour: Lumalens Gold Ionized (13% VLT for bright/sunny conditions)
- Bonus Lens Colour: Lumalens Amber (54% VLT for flat light/overcast conditions)
- Lumalens® Colour Optimized Lens
- Patented Frameless Technology
- Panotech Injection Moulded Toric Lens
- Triple Layer Face Foam + Microfleece Lining
- Armoured Venting



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