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Peaty's LoamFoam Cleaner Konsentrat

5 L, Blandes 1:5, Gir 25 L Loam Foam

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Peaty's LoamFoam Cleaner Konsentrat

Developed from our much-loved LoamFoam cleaner, a single one litre bottle of LoamFoam concentrate will make five litres of professional grade Loam Foam Bike cleaner.

Once diluted, you will get the same foamy cleaning power that you get with the ready-mixed LoamFoam you know and love, but use 80% less plastic and take up much less space in your workshop. Win win!

Mixing Instructions:
    Pour 200ml of LoamFoam Concentrate into an empty LoamFoam spray bottle, using the markers provided on the side of the concentrate  bottle
    Top up the bottle with fresh cold water, up to the shoulder of the bottle
    Replace the sprayer and tighten until firm
    Shake the bottle vigorously until fully mixed
    You're ready to go!

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