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Looking for a lightweight, high performance lower leg protector? Make a bee line for Alpinestars' A-Line Knee & Shin Guard. Specifically designed for Downhill, the A-Line's tough outer PP shell is backed by soft Biofoam padding for extra comfort.

• Highly flexible, multi-material knee and shin guard constructed from durable poly-fabric outer, breathable laminated impact foam and 3D stretch mesh.

• Lightweight and strong polymer protectors are vented to improve airflow and cooling performance.

• Breathable knee sleeve constructed from vented Neoprene and stretch mesh for secure fit and to promote ventilation.

• 3D mesh inner lining gives high levels of skin comfort, moisture-wicking and breathability.

• Protection paneling incorporates an intelligent flex bridge system for enhanced flexibility around knee articulation.

• Guards are asymmetrical and streamlined and are profiled for precision fit on specific left and right sides.

• High-absorption bio-foam padding gives added impact dispersion in critical impact areas.

• Triple Velcro system for a highly customized and secure fit and to limit protector displacement in the event of an impact. System includes a mid-strap strategically positioned to secure comfortably over calf.

• Silicone printing in inner knee sleeve helps keep guard in place.

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