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FeiyuTech Smartstab

2-Axis Smartphone Gimbal

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FeiyuTech Smartstab

Take your smartphone videos to the next level with the Feiyu SmartStab 2-Axis Selfie Gimbal and Extension Pole. The SmartStab is a miniaturized version of Feiyu's handheld gimbals, offering motorized 2-axis stabilization for smartphones, including larger options such as the iPhone 6 Plus. Similar to Feiyu's WG series, the SmartStab features two 1/4"-2 threaded holes for horizontal or vertical mounting onto a variety of support devices, including wearable GoPro accessories using an included 3-prong adapter. Additionally, it can be mounted at the end of an extension pole to capture stabilized selfie footage. As part of this package, a specially designed extension pole is included that features two buttons on the handle to control up and down tilt angle.

- 2-Axis Motorized Gimbal
- Compact and Lightweight Design
- Extension Pole with Tilt Control Buttons
- 1/4"-2 Mounting Threads
- 1/4"-2 to GoPro Three-Prong Adapter

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