Nitro Volta 151cm Nitro Volta 151cm Nitro Volta 151cm Nitro Volta 151cm Nitro Volta 151cm Nitro Volta 151cm

Nitro Volta


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Nitro Volta

Nitro Volta tar deg forbi heiskøene og peker deg i retninger ingen andre kjører. Nitros splitboards er gunstig priset sammenliknet med sine konkurrenter og Volta er Nitros innstegsmodell på damesiden. Brettet har direksjonal fasong og er laget uten spenn, noe som gjør brettet lettkjørt. Nitro Volta er et ypperlig valg for damer som vil prøve splitboarding til en fornuftig pris. Nitro Volta kommer med ferdigdrillede hull for hurtig skifte av Nitro x Kohla feller, en løsning vi satte stor pris på under testing. Du kan selvfølgelig benytte andre feller om ønskelig.

We are happy to announce that we are offering full women´s splitboard set-ups moving into this new winter, allowing our Nitro customers to be able to purchase their complete splitboard set-up with the trusted Nitro Approval and Technology. We want to make the splitboard experience as effortless as possible and that all starts with creating your set-up.

Easily Earn Your Turns
Split boarding is all about exploring and breaking away from the daily hustle and routine, which is why we have created the Volta to allow every woman to be able to do so. Do what you have always dreamed of doing ditch the lift lines and use this user-friendly splitboard to go explore what the mountain has to offer, with control and ease on the way up and full style and confidence on the way down.

The dream behind the Volta was to offer a splitboard so affordable that any woman could easily break away from her daily routine and get out on an adventure with friends to do something worth remembering. The Volta does just that by offering affordable access to the freedom, adventures, and workout that can only be experienced through splitboarding. This year we have upgraded the skin mounting system by creating pre-drilled holes in the tip and tailt that fit perfectly with our custom Nitro x Kohla hiking skins, allowing you to transition between “hike and ride” mode with new precision and speed. The Volta´s Flat-Out Rocker allows you to blast through the learning curve with effortless float, while the Power Pods offer the needed support and response for getting up and down the mountain. Leave the chairlift and day ticket behind and experience the purity of endless adventure snowboarding with the Nitro Women´s Volta Splitboard.

- Shape: Directional Splitboard
- Rocker: Flat-Out
Our Flat-Out Rocker is a hybrid flat camber profile where the nose and tail lift off before the traditional contact points, providing effortless turns, and catch-free maneuvers. The lifted nose and tail provide excellent float, pressability, and forgiveness in any terrain. The ultimate hybrid between Zero Camber and Reverse Camber to allow you to have the most playful yet stabile ride for easy progression and all-mountain domination. The profile of choice for park, freestyle, and urban riders worldwide.
- Width: Standard
- Womens Flex: All Terrain
Our most versatile flex pattern, combining Nitro’s signature pop with smooth response, allowing you to tear up the entire mountain.
- Sidecut: Radial
The simplest and most common of all sidecuts: One single radius makes this sidecut extremely versatile and predictable.

- Power Pods
Overlaying a tighter sidecut radius in the center of the board with a larger one towards tip and tail is creating our exclusive Powerpods which have two amazing effects: On one hand, there is extended board width under the bindings, resulting in additional edge control, especially on hard and icy surfaces as well as simply less toe and heel drag for larger boots and flatter stance angles. On the other hand, our Powerpods make the board super reactive and fast turning once it’s put on edge – while keeping it easy to control if ridden with less dynamics.
- Powercore
Our Powercore uses tip-to-tail poplar wood, providing lightweight strength and the perfect blend of flex, response and feel.
- Bi-Lite Laminates
Our rider-trusted Bi-Lite Laminates are engineered for unrivalled strength, powerful style and refined board-feel.
- Premium Extruded FH Base
Durability, speed and low maintenance all in one ultra-clear base material - our FH Base takes the abuse of rail and urban riding like no other.
- Tip And Tail Locks
- Forged T7075 Aluminum Hooks
- Pre-Drilled for Nitro x Kohla skins




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Nitro Volta 151cm
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