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Ride A-8

Thrash - M

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Ride A-8

Ride A-8 er en responsiv snowboardbinding for aggressive kjørere som trenger presisisjon og stabilitet. Bindingen har aluminiumschassis for å gi god kraftoverføring. Baseplaten er vinklet innover for å gi en mer naturlig kjøreposisjon samtidig som belastningen på knær reduseres. Ride A-8 har en stiv highback i nylon som gir god støtte og responsivitet. Ankelstroppen kan benyttes i to ulike posisjoner. Med den stive delen vendt oppover gis bindingen mer responsivitet og aggresjon. ved å bruke ankelstroppen med den myke delen vendt opp, vil bindingen oppleves som mer fleksibel og gir mer rom for bevegelse. Vi anbefaler Ride A-8 til dyktige kjørere som vet å sette pris på respons og presisjon.

The A-8 is designed for all-mountain performance. This binding is precise and aggressive for the snowboarder that demands the most from their bindings. The Reversible Ankle Strap provides two riding positions. Ride with the stiff part of the strap on the top for a more aggressive feel or swap the straps so the soft part is on top for more flexibility and lateral movement. The A-Series aluminum chassis provides the reactive flex and power transfer of aluminum with less rigidity than previous designs. The cored nylon highback reduces weight while still providing a responsive ride. The canted footbed aligns your joints with a 2.5 degree angle while providing more leverage over the tip and tail of your board. Integrated rubber PODS make for an even smoother ride and the TPU basepad damps out high-speed vibrations. The A-8 is designed for an advanced rider looking for all-mountain performance.

- A-Series Aluminum Chassis: The A-Series Chassis provides the reactive flex and power transfer of aluminum underfoot. The extruded aluminum heel-cup provides ultimate toe heel response. The A-Series Chassis was designed to be less rigid that previous designs allowing the aluminum to flex more under the rider’s weight allowing for a much more reactive ride. Because the Chassis is 100% aluminum, it is narrower than nylon or plastic chassis allowing the board to flex more freely from tip to tail.
- Nylon Highback: Traditional Highback material that offers a predictable mix of response and comfort.
- Reversible Strap: Designed to be worn in two positions: one for hard charging, performance and the other for a more relaxed feel that lets you really lean into your ride. Utilizes a strong upper and a soft flexible lower portion to support all of your riding needs.
- Minimalist with overmold toe strap: The minimalist toe strap with overmold is the same base strap as the minimalist toe strap with the addition of an overmolded layer of urethane that assures the strap stays in place over the riders desired position over the boot.
- Linkage Ratchet: Designed to improve ladder durability and eliminate ratchet wag, resulting in a smoother user experience with the same hold you expect.
- Canted with Pods footbed: An ultra-light footbed that uses subtle angles to align the ankles and knees to a more natural and comfortable position. The angle also gives leverage to press the board for huge pop, without affecting your preferred stance width. Urethane pods are bonded to the footbed under the heels and forefront of the riders foot. These pods absorb high speed vibrations for a smoother ride as well as smooth out larger impacts from flat landings.
- A-Series TPU basepad: A urethane base pad that sits under the binding and wraps up the side. The urethane provides ultimate damping properties underfoot, and support as it wraps up the side of the binding increasing response as the riders drives their weight into turns.
- Aluminum Disc: The Aluminum disc is more rigid than the plastic disc. This disc is suited for the rider demanding precision in their binding.
- Feel: 8/10

- S: US Men 4-8/EU 35-40,5/MP 22-26
- M: US Men 6-10/EU 37-43,5/MP 24-28
- L: US Men 10,5+/EU 43,5+/MP 28+

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