Woom 1 12" balansesykkel Rød

3,2kg, 1,5-3,5 år, 82-100cm

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Weight3,2 kg
Age1,5-3,5 years
Size82-100 cm


The Woom 1 Balance Bike is the ideal partner to introduce your young child to the concept of two wheels. Due to the extremely low step through entry point and the high cockpit, our little ones can enjoy two wheels as soon as they can start walking. They are learning to balance their bike and start exploring the world of biking at a very early age - without the need for training wheels



Characteristics of the WOOM 1 Balance Bike:
  • High quality and light weight frame and components: only 3.2 kg overall weight
  • Geometry designed with the youngest rider in mind
  • Special "small hands reach" brake levers enable the child to start learning how to brake at an early age
  • Steering delimiter keeps the front wheel aligned and prevents over steering
  • High quality V-brakes enable easy and effortless braking


Suitable accessories

Our WOOM 1 Balance Bike leaves almost no room for additional features. An anodized WOOM bell is available as an accessory. We will even install it for you on the bike. In addition, a pair of gloves, as well as the name sticker made out of mirroring foil with the child´s name are available options for this bike.



For bike enthusiasts, here the details:

Wheel/ Tire size12 Zoll
Cockpit / Grip height497 mm
Steering angle68°
Medium standing height177 mm
Horizontal toptube length296 mm
Wheelbase573 mm
Seattube angle72°
Minimum Seat height258 mm
Maximum Seat height370 mm


Weight limit

The total weight of the child should not exceed 50 kg.




  • Frame material: light and high quality AA-6061 Aluminum 
  • Beginner geometry with 12" wheel size; stable and easy ride quality: low entry and step through, very low minimum seat height, long wheel base, forgiving steering geometry, great balance, and safe straightaway ride qualities allow for great enjoyment on the bike. 
  • Maximum seat height adjustability due to the continuous seat post construction method


  • Light weight Unicrown fork made out of Chromoly steel 
  • 1" shaft 
  • good natured steering characteristic


  • Semi-integrated 1" headset
  • sealed Ahead-steerer made out of aluminum and steel 
  • integrated ahead clamp

Steering delimiter

There is a small rubber band attached between the frame and the fork. This steering delimiter prevents the over steering of the front wheel and stabilizes the handlebar during the ride. It promotes straight steering and limits swerving


  • Forged aluminum 
  • 40 mm 
  • +10 degree 
  • fully integrated and submerged clamp design ensures that all bolts are fully integrated and do not pose any safety hazard. We call the design our "knee friend" 
  • handlebar is attached with two 6mm bolts
  • wide, ergonomic and light weight aluminum handlebar for more control 
  • sand blasted and black anodized 
  • 19mm diameter designed for the smallest hands 
  • 390mm long
  • reduced diameter suitable for extra small hands 
  • non toxic 
  • anti skidding diamond structure 
  • grip ends contain rubber buffer with additional tube plugs
  • Mini V-Brake with lever ratio designed for the smallest hands 
  • small hands reach brake level is adjustable and is designed for an ergonomic fit for small hands 
  • soft brake pads for good braking power even at low hand strength 
  • high quality and low friction Jagwire cable
  • super light Soopa-Doopa-Hoops Aluminum wheels 
  • narrow aluminum hub for extra leg room at the rear wheel 
  • sealed bearings 
  • rounded 5mm axle nuts 
  • 16 straight spokes
TiresVoluminous low profile and low resistance air tires for good cushioning and rolling characteristics and a lot of grip
  • ergonomically design for this specific age group 
  • saddle form supports optimum forward motion and ride 
  • non toxic 
  • protective side to lean against wall
Seat post
  • anodized aluminum seat post 
  • safety bumper on lower end of the post
Seat post clampAluminum seat post clamp with long lever for easy operation
Enclosed tools1x5mm allen key for the hub + 17mm end wrench for
wheel adjustments + 1x 6mm allen key for the long stem


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