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MyMiggo Padded Camera Strap

and Wrap for SLR

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MyMiggo Paddded Camera Strap

- Serves as a camera strap which morphs into a compact and padded camera carrier.
- Compatible with almost all of today’s small-medium DSLR and Bridge (Superzoom) cameras on the market,and a wide range of lenses.
- Eliminates the need to carry bulky camera bag in addition to your personal bag.
- Made from energy-absorbing Neoprene foam and soft Lycra fabric.
- Comes in 7 different colors or patterns
- Modular adapter system makes it suitable for most small-medium DSLR cameras
- Multipurpose nickel-coated steel screw serves as a secure connector to the camera and also allows to connect to a tripod while miggo is attached.
- Hidden inner pocket for lens cap
- High quality miggo branded zipper
- Safety cord

- Neoprene
- Lycra
- Nickel-coated steel

- Length: 78 cm. / 30.7 inch
- Width: 13 cm. / 5.1 inch

Attachment method:
- Right / Left handed design
- Attaches to 1/4?-20 tripod mount on the camera

- 0.31 kg. / 0.68 lbs.

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