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Peaty's Tubeless kit Enduro/DH 30mm

42mm ventiler

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If you’re looking for the very best tubeless set up on your bike, then Peaty’s is simply unequalled in lasting performance and ease of installation.


What's included?
Two tubeless valves
A nine metre roll of rim tape
2 x 120ml tubeless sealant pouches (1 x 120ml for the road option)


Peaty’s Tubeless Conversion Kit includes everything you need to run a fully optimised tubeless setup – Peaty’s RimJob Rim Tape, Tubeless Valves and Sealant. If you value more time spent on the bike and less time fixing punctures, this is the perfect set up.

Bringing together legendary downhill racer Steve Peat’s line of top-tier tubeless set up products, this conversion kit is the product of several years of meticulous research, testing and refinement by a dedicated team of expert mechanics, scientists and pro-racers.

Not just a few bits thrown carelessly in a bag! Peaty's Tubeless Conversion kits are beautifully laid out with easy to follow setup instructions and step by step subtitled YouTube videos (simply scan the QR for each step with your phone camera and it'll take you straight there). These conversion kits are available in a variety of configurations so that you can ride with the perfect tubeless set up whatever your discipline: road, cyclocross, XC, enduro, downhill – all good to go. Every conversion kit features a handy installation guide on the box, with QR links to further help and guidance from Peaty’s website for each stage of installation – rest assured that the installation process will be slick and swift.


Peaty's Rim Job

Peaty’s RimJob Rim Tape is a super high-tensile strength tape, primed with a bespoke adhesive which ensures maximal bonding. It has a tried and tested degree of stretch and the large, rigid recyclable core allows the tape to be pulled and applied with tension, contouring your rim tightly for the best fit. The semi-transparent finish makes locating the valve hole quick and efficient.


Peaty's Tubeless Sealant

Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant is non-toxic, non-hazardous and completely biodegradable – utilising innovative nano-platelet technology, derived from starch extracted from sustainably managed Eucalyptus trees.


Peaty’s Tubeless Valves

Peaty’s Tubeless Valves are machined from lightweight anodised aluminium. What makes them a leap above the rest is the integrated valve core remover cap, which makes valve removal and sealant top up a quick and efficient process, whether in the workshop or on a ride.

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